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Investors’ Rights and Obligations

Foreign investors have free market access when investing in Mongolia. The Investment Law reflects the interests of foreign and domestic investors equally, creates a favorable environment for investment, and provides common legal guarantees to protect investors.

The Law on Investment provides the following rights to investors:

The Government has signaled a commitment to provide both tax and non-tax incentives to investors, where both foreign and local investors are treated equally, and to forbid any forced confiscation of assets under the Law on Investment.

Investors also have the right to freely transfer their assets, income, operating profits, and dividends abroad and to convert them freely into any foreign currency.

This means that foreign investors are able to move or convert their capital freely out of Mongolia, with the same ease that it was brought into the country.

In addition to their basic obligations, investors shall have the following common obligations when conduct their business operations under Mongolian law:


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