Key Concepts

What is an investment?

“Investment” refers to the fixed and intangible assets attributed to the joint venture and reflected in financial statements of commercial (i.e. ‘for profit’) operations in the territory of Mongolia.

Who is an investor?

Refers to any foreign and domestic entity that makes an investment in Mongolia.

Who is a foreign investor?

Refers to any legal entity or individual such as an overseas national or stateless person who is a non-resident in Mongolia, as well as a Mongolian citizen residing permanently in a foreign country) that makes an investment in Mongolia.

What kind of business is a business with foreign investment?

“A business entity with foreign investment” refers to an entity that is established under the laws of Mongolia, where 25% or more of the shares are owned by foreign investor and the amount of the investment of each foreign investor is more than $100,000 or the equivalent amount in tugriks

What is a representative office of a foreign legal entity?

“Representative office of a foreign legal entity” refers to a person or entity with no legal entity status and is established in Mongolia by a foreign legal entity for the purpose of having representation on a proxy basis.

Who is a foreign state-owned legal entity?

Refers to a legal entity where 50% or more of the shares is directly or indirectly owned by a foreign country’s government.

Who or what is a stabilization certificate holder?

“Stabilization certificate holder” refers to a legal entity registered in Mongolia that has obtained a stabilization certificate from an authorized organization as specified in the Law on Investment.

Who is a license holder?

A person licensed by an authorized authority to engage in a specified set of activities.


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