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Social Responsibility & Governance

Donation to the government organizations, local administrations, and local community from mining companies is increasing every year. Since 2018, outflows have increased substantially, reaching MNT45.9m ($16m) by the end of 2020.

Donation to the government organizations and local administrations from mining companies (MNT)

Mining companies’ donation to local administration and government organizations (MNT)

In 2014-2020, mining companies outflows to local administration and government organizations totaled MNT213b ($74.7m). Oyu Tolgoi LLC’s contribution alone accounted for 61.3% of total outflows to the government.

Mining companies also enter into localized cooperation agreements with the local government in regions where mining projects are located. These mutual agreements specify projects for community development during the project implementation period. The mining companies pursues a policy of employing local people, works closely with local small and medium businesses by purchasing products and services from them and providing sponsorship for local students etc. This improves a mutual understanding and provides long-term social support for mining projects.

Contributions of mining companies in the local community

In addition, the legal framework for allocating a portion of the mining sector’s revenue to the local budget encourages the development of a more favorable opinion on local mining projects at a local level.

According to the Budget Law, 65% of royalty revenues are allocated to the Future Heritage Fund, 30% to the Fiscal Stabilization Fund, and 5% to the relevant Province and City’s Local Development Fund. 73% of the fund’s total revenue comes from the mining sector. More specifically:

Percentage of funds allocated

Resource Governance Index

Mongolia’s mining sector scored 70 out of 100 points in the 2021 Resource Governance Index (RGI), representing an increase of six percentage points over the 2017 index. Both the value realization and revenue management categories are now placed firmly within the “satisfactory” performance band, while improvements towards enabling a clean environment to push the category into the “good” performance band. According to Natural Resource Governance Institute, Mongolia can attain improved better resource governance scores by targeting the following key focus areas:

Mongolia’s scores in the 2017 RGI and 2021 RGI

Evolution of the gap between law and practice in Mongolia

Mongolia mining: 2021 Resources Governance Index and component scores

Source: Natural Resource Governance Institute


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