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Competitive Young Talents

Mongolia’s young population of 3.4 million includes 2.3 million people of working age, with 30% aged between 15 to 34. The country has achieved universal primary and basic education, with a primary net enrollment rate of almost 100%. This has created a competitive pool of young talent for industries in need of skilled workers.

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aged between 15 to 34
Mongolia has achieved universal primary and basic education. The primary net enrollment rate is almost 100%.
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Employment costs are competitively low in Mongolia. The average monthly salary stands at ₮1.6 million, about US$457.

Foreign investors report a high level of satisfaction when employing the younger generations in terms of their desire to learn and advance themselves. By way of example, Rio Tinto’s Oyu Tolgoi project employs about 13,000 workers, of which nearly 95% are Mongolian citizens as of 2020.


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