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MSE Trading Volume Reaches MNT 84.5 billion in May 2022

The trading volume at the Mongolian Stock Exchange (MSE) jumped 6.9 times from the previous month to MNT 84.5 billion in May. It is the highest volume seen on a monthly basis in 2022.

MNT Billion
Source: MSE

The primary market trading of Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi bonds accounted for 90 percent of the total volume, or MNT 76.6 billion. “Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi” JSC is implementing major projects and programs such as the construction of a strategic railway, the establishment of a coal processing plant, and a thermal power plant. Within this framework, the company has MNT and USD denominated bonds worth MNT 2 trillion.

The remaining 10 percent was made up of secondary market stocks, corporate debt instruments, and mutual fund trades.

The benchmark index MSE Top 20, which was down to 44,000 points at the beginning of the year, slumped by over 10,000 points in the first five months. Additionally, the total market capitalization decreased by more than MNT 200 billion from the previous month, amounting to MNT 4.9 trillion. The MSE Top 20 Index soared 132.7% last year, which was by far the world’s best-performing index.



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