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Strengthening financial ties: insights from the Mongolian Capital Markets Day in Shanghai

In a pivotal event held in Shanghai, China, the “Mongolian Capital Markets Day” showcased a strategic collaboration between 70 investment and broker firms, marking a significant step towards fostering closer ties between the Mongolian Stock Exchange and the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

The visit of Mongolian Prime Minister L. Oyun-Erdene to China last month was a concerted effort to bolster the Mongolian stock market. The primary objectives included the exchange of critical information, development of investment opportunities and funds, enhancement of corporate governance, and the signing of a memorandum of cooperation to support joint product creation and supply.

Key figures such as the Head of the Financial Regulation Committee of Mongolia, emphasized the committee’s dedication to promoting professional investment in the financial market. This focus on increasing labor productivity is expected to attract greater participation from foreign investors, with potential implications for the development of new products and the revitalization of both countries’ economies.

The Mongolian delegation, including 70 securities companies and investment funds from China, participated in the event co-hosted by the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Mongolian Stock Exchange. Mongolian entities such as “Khaan” Bank, “Golomt” Bank, “Monos Foods” JSC presented their perspectives on Mongolia’s economic outlook and stock market investment.

Simultaneously, Vice Chairman of the Financial Regulation Committee T. Tserenbadral, Mongolian Stock Exchange Director H. Altai, and other officials engaged in discussions with Deputy Chairman Wang Bo of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, exploring collaborative avenues for future operations.

The Shanghai Stock Exchange, ranking among China’s top two entities and third globally in terms of international credit value (US$6.5 trillion), trading turnover (US$13.3 trillion), and IPO (US$501.4 trillion), emerges as a pivotal partner in fortifying economic ties between the two nations.



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