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APU JSC: Exporting Mongolian beer labels to Russia, China, and South Korea

APU JSC, the first company in the history of the Mongolian stock market to reach a market capitalization of MNT 1 trillion, informed that the company is exporting several brands of beer to South Korea, China, and Russia.

In particular, the high-quality beer label “Golden Gobi” is exported to Korea, “Sengur” beer to China, and “Borgio” to Russia. The company introduced “Qualass” technology last year to control the entire manufacturing process from raw materials to finished products, storage, and distribution.

Last year, the company’s sales in the Russian market jumped 204% compared to 2020, while in China the sales quadrupled, growing 405%. APU JSC is also aiming to increase the share of export in total sales revenue to at least 20 percent over the next five years according to its chief executive. The company currently produces over 300 export products for the countries mentioned above and is conducting consignment testing in the United States and some European countries.

The Dutch company Heineken owns 25 percent of APU JSC. The number of shareholders of the company has reached 14,000 on the Mongolian Stock Exchange.



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