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Tourism recovers in Mongolia as travel restrictions ease

According to statistics, 42,060 tourists visited Mongolia in the first five months of 2022. Over half of incoming tourists, precisely 22,292, were from Russia, travelers from South Korea amounted to 4,048, and Chinese tourists made up 2,989 respectively. Revenue from tourism totaled USD 33 million.The government is aiming to increase the number of tourists to 250,000 this year. Although this is half the number of pre-covid data, the current flow of travelers is showing a sign of recovery.

Visa exemption for South Koreans took effect this year, which factored in the increased flow of tourists from the region. The visa exemption will be effective until December 31, 2024. The Minister of Environment and Tourism also informed that South Asian countries are currently prioritized as a target market for the industry.

Before the pandemic in 2019, tourism accounted for 7.2% of Mongolia’s GDP, 6.8 percent of total exports, and 7.6% of employment.

The tourism sector is also important in Mongolia’s plan to diversify the economy, making up about 40 percent of trade in services alone.

Total revenue of the sector:
$ 0
Number of incoming tourists to Mongolia:​

The Naadam Festival is the biggest national holiday in Mongolia. It is celebrated nationwide between July 11 and 15. Over 70 percent of tourists visit Mongolia during the Summer. According to a survey, most tourists visit for the natural landscapes, and nomadic culture, and to know more about Chinggis Khaan. In particular, the Naadam Festival is considered to be of special importance for learning more about nomadic culture and Chinggis Khaan. Three main sports competitions take place during the festival, namely wrestling, archery, and horse racing, on a national scale and in all administrative units.



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