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Incoming tourists on the rise as Mongolia celebrates post-covid Naadam Festival

Mongolia’s main tourist event Naadam Festival, which is celebrated every year from July 11-13, attracted 6,000 foreign visitors this year and the opening ceremony alone received 2,500 tourists. Although this is relatively small compared to pre-covid years, in which 90,000-100,000 foreigners attended on average, the number of incoming tourists tripled in the first quarter of 2022 compared to the same period of last year.

A study shows that most of the tourists visiting during the festival travel to the Gobi region, and some travel around Mongolia for half a month. For this year, tourists highlight traditional music, culture, and art festivals such as “Deeltei Mongol” (celebration of Mongolian traditional costumes), “Cultural Festival” and “Playtime” music festival. In particular, the performance of tsam dance, which is an expression of Buddhism, the complex statue of “Chinggis” Khaan, staying overnight in a Mongolian ger (yurt), and horse races were the main attractions.

Vaccine shots against COVID-19 are available for incoming travelers and Mongolia is offering full access to health services in the capital and rural areas.

Source: National Statistics Office

Currently, tourists from 27 can travel visa-free in Mongolia with all types of passports for 14-90 days. China, Russia, South Korea, Japan, and the USA make up the majority of incoming tourists.

The Government of Mongolia also plans to exempt Australian and French citizens from visa requirements, as well as tourists from the Gulf countries, which are led by the number of tourists, and to allow transit tourists to travel without a visa for 72 hours. In addition, the government announced 2023 and 2024 as the “Year to Visit Mongolia”.



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