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Mining Week Mongolia 2022 kicks-off

The “Mining Week Mongolia 2022” is being held in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the development of the mining industry in Mongolia. On December 25, 1922, the Nalaikh coal mine was nationalized, marking the beginning of the modern mining industry in Mongolia.

The Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry of Mongolia announced to prioritize exploration, production, sales, and distribution, and in this context, “will carry out policy measures to support responsible mining, protect the interests of domestic and foreign investors, cooperate with the private sector, and increase the competitiveness of the industry,” highlighted the new minister during the event.

In addition, the three main factors restricting the development of Mongolia’s mining sector were described as follows:

Highlights from the first day of the event were the “Safety First” session. According to the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, 34 of the 253 industrial accidents that occurred by the end of 2021 were in the mining sector. Furthermore, 74 percent of people who temporarily lost their ability to work due to occupational diseases and illnesses are from the mining industry. This data shows that even though the mining sector is the main driver of the economy, difficult working conditions of the sector’s human resources have to be taken into account.



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