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Foreign trade turnover reached USD 15.3 billion in the first 9 months of the year

In the first 9 months of 2022, the total foreign trade turnover reached USD 15.3 billion, with a profit of USD 2.6 billion, informed the Customs General Administration. The exports surged by 39.3 percent from the same period of the previous year, reaching USD 8.9 billion. Coal exports amounted to 50% of the total exports or USD 4.5 billion (The volume of coal exports was 19 million tonnes), and copper concentrate made up 24.4% or USD 2.17 billion.

Export, January-September, 2022

Mongolia exports to 63 countries, 84.5 percent of these goods were exported to China, 7.8 percent to Switzerland, and 3.6 percent to Singapore. These countries accounted for 95.9 percent of total exports altogether.



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