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Mongolia plans direct flights to the US in 2024

The Government of Mongolia has approved the signing of the United States-Mongolia Open Skies Transport Agreement. According to the Ministry of Road and Transport Development, this Agreement will allow direct flights between Mongolia and the US starting in 2024.

After the signing of the agreement, preparations for the flights will take at least a year. In 2019, the number of travelers between the United States and Mongolia was about 60,000, and they spent a total of about USD 40 million.

The Government of Mongolia has announced 2023-2025 “Years to Visit Mongolia”. Thus, Mongolia is making efforts to lower the costs for international tourists to visit Mongolia. In addition, starting next spring, there will be 70 flights per week from South Korea to Mongolia.

Mongolia has signed bilateral air service agreements with 39 countries, and in 2019, when the number of tourists to Mongolia reached its peak, 12 airlines supplied 1.6 million seats on 22 international routes.



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