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Khan Bank raises USD 20 million in long-term funding

Khan Bank has concluded financing agreements with two funds managed by Developing World Markets (DWM) for USD 12 million, and long-term financing agreements with four funds managed by “responsAbility Investments” AG for USD 8 million, raising a total of USD 20 million.

The bank is planning to use these funds to support the business activities of their micro, small, and medium-sized enterprise clients. Within the framework of its sustainable development policies, Khan Bank is focusing on supporting socially responsible businesses. The funding will allow the bank to further accelerate investments in social responsibility and sustainable development. Khan Bank has been providing banking products and services to 82 percent of the population, or about 2.7 million customers, through its digital channels and 547 branches nationwide. Khan Bank supports MSMEs, the key drivers of the country’s economic growth, by offering business loan products and non-financial services such as customer training, advisory services, and consulting services through its Business Support Centers.



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