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Mongolia has spent MNT 11.2 trillion for three years against the COVID-19

The National Audit Office conducted a performance audit of the implementation, effectiveness, and results of the Law on Prevention and Control of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Reduction of Negative Impacts on Society and Economy, involving relevant organizations.

As for the measures taken by the Government of Mongolia to ensure the implementation of the above law:

Amount spent on COVID-19 measures (Trillion MNT)

Source: Government of Mongolia

Out of this, 37.9% was spent on economic stimulation, 12.5% on protecting jobs, 13.2% on health measures, and 36.4% on balancing citizens’ incomes.

Spending on COVID-19 measures

Source: Government of Mongolia

MNT 2.6 trillion was spent in 2020-2021 to balance citizens’ income. Of which, MNT 2 billion 167.6 million was used to increase the child allowance, MNT 273.5 billion to increase welfare pensions and allowances for children in need of constant care, MNT 174.9 billion was spent on wool incentives for herder families, and MNT 20.0 billion on increasing the total price of food stamps.

In addition, MNT 1.2 trillion was spent on medical care during the pandemic. Of this, MNT 1.01 trillion was spent on health protection measures, and MNT 111.7 billion was spent on vaccination campaigns.

Another MNT 4.4 trillion was spent to stimulate the economy during the pandemic:

Within these measures, 240,000 private sector jobs were saved and 72,000 new jobs were created.



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