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Law on Protecting human rights on social media

The President of Mongolia Ukhnaagiin Khurelsukh has decided to veto a controversial “Law on Protecting human rights on social media” that was passed by parliament on January 20.

The law would ban users from posting information about any public official without express government consent. Any information shared in an online group of more than three will be subject to inspection, and the minister of internal affairs can shut off the internet. Parliament expedited the law’s passage — approving it less than 48 hours after its introduction.

However, that veto can still be overridden by parliament. Two-thirds of the parliamentarians present at the session will then have to vote in favor of the veto to have it annulled.

The Law on Protecting Human Rights on Social Media has not ensured public participation and reflected the suggestions of persons or entities whose legal interests are affected by this law. In this regard, it has violated Article 26 of the Constitution, which says “Citizens and other organizations may forward their suggestions on draft laws to those entitled to initiate a law.”



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