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Prime Minister of Mongolia Oyun-Erdene pays an official visit to the Republic of Korea

Prime Minister of Mongolia Oyun-Erdene paid an official visit to the Republic of Korea. During the visit, the Prime Minister have met with President of the Republic of Korea Yoon Suk Yeol, and held official talks with Prime Minister Han Duck-soo.

This visit is important for strengthening the strategic partnership between Mongolia and the Republic of Korea, stimulating trade, investment, and economic cooperation, supporting people-to-people exchanges, and deepening multilateral cooperation.

As a result of the visit, both sides agreed to cooperate on the reconstruction of the “New Kharkhorum” city in the Orkhon Valley, the establishment of a satellite city and a free economic zone in the Khushigt Valley, and supply raw materials for semiconductors and rare earth elements.

In addition, one of the main objectives this time was to ease the mutual travel conditions of citizens’. Government of Mongolia has made the tourism sector a priority and declared 2023-2025 as the years to “Visit Mongolia”, and citizens of the Republic of Korea have been exempted from visas during this period. On the other hand, the Government of the Republic of Korea has made a decision to allow visa-free travel for groups of tourists to Yangyang and Jeju.

The following documents were signed during the visit:



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