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Mongolia and Qatar Sign Air Transport Agreement to Boost Tourism and Trade Relations

An Air Transport Agreement has been established between the Governments of Mongolia and Qatar, allowing for direct flights between the two countries. Mongolia has currently signed air transport agreements with 40 countries.

This agreement will enable quick transportation of passengers and cargo from Ulaanbaatar to the Middle East, North Africa, and Gulf countries. It presents a great opportunity for the development of tourism, business, trade, and economic relations between the two countries. In particular, it is expected that Mongolia will be able to export fresh meat and cedar nuts at a higher price, and that Arab countries, where summer temperatures reach 40 degrees, will have the chance to travel to Mongolia’s cooler summer.

The Mongolian government has been working to expand the country’s air transport infrastructure and increase air connectivity with other countries. In recent years, the government has made efforts to attract foreign airlines to operate flights to Mongolia and has signed several air transport agreements with other countries to facilitate air travel and promote tourism.

In recent years, Mongolia has been pursuing air transport liberalization policies to open up its aviation market and attract more airlines and investment to the country. For example, the government has invested in the modernization and expansion of airports, as well as the training and certification of aviation personnel.



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