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Unlocking Mongolia’s Potential to Meet Asia’s Salt Demands: Current Reliance on Imports Despite Abundant Resources

The Mongolian Geological Association’s report on salt consumption in Mongolia shows that the country heavily relies on imports for its salt needs, with 14,000 tonnes being imported annually, costing USD 4.5 million in 2021 and 2022. The recommended daily consumption of salt is five grams per person, but Mongolians consume an alarming 11 grams per day.

The book “Salt Resources of Mongolia” details the discovery of numerous salt deposits in the Eastern part of the country in the 1940s during geological and soil research. As the industry developed in Mongolia, the need for raw materials such as salt increased, leading to the construction and operation of factories, meat processing plants, glass plants, and leather processing plants. Since 2005, a small number of domestic enterprises have been producing salt based on these deposits. However, due to the large amount of cheap and low-quality salt imported from China, the report suggests that domestic companies face decreasing sales and the risk of bankruptcy.

Given Mongolia’s vast salt deposits and the benefits of domestic production, efforts to reduce reliance on imports and increase domestic production could lead to significant cost savings and job creation. Additionally, initiatives to promote healthier eating habits and reduce salt consumption could lead to better health outcomes for Mongolians.



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