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Mongolia ranks the top universities in the nation for the first time

Mongolia has unveiled the rankings of its domestic universities for the first time, in collaboration with Times Higher Education, a global data partner for higher education.

Of the 61 universities and higher education institutions in Mongolia the National University of Mongolia was ranked as the best educational institution in the country.

The rankings were determined based on an evaluation of 272 indicators, such as the quality of education, research output, and most importantly, the percentage of graduates successfully entering the workforce. A recent report from the World Bank highlights a substantial growth in demand within Mongolia’s labor market over the last two decades.

However, it is noted that a significant portion of this demand originates from low-paying jobs. Despite having a young and educated workforce, Mongolia continues to face high unemployment rates and understaffed workplaces, as pointed out by the bank.

The top five universities in Mongolia, as per these rankings, include the Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences, the University of Science and Technology, the University of Education, and the University of Agriculture.

Looking at the rankings, only 9 out of the 61 surveyed universities achieved a general score above 50, while 15 universities secured a quality of education ranking exceeding 60 percent. The Ministry of Education and Science, in partnership with Times Higher Education plans to update these rankings every two years. With high unemployment rates as a pressing concern, these rankings may offer valuable insights into how universities can better prepare their graduates for the job market and contribute to the nation’s workforce.



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