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Mongolia welcomes filmmakers

The Ministry of Culture announced that the Mongolian National Film Council will welcome several major production studios including Warner Bros., HBO, Discovery, Viacom, and Netflix to Mongolia to promote the country’s film industry and history.

The Mongolian government has recently adopted programs to support and encourage both domestic and global film producers who base their projects on Mongolia. Global producers can apply for incentives of up to 45%, which come in the form of cash rebates, and are among the most competitive in the world (30% location incentive, 10% cultural incentive, and 5% foreign talent reimbursement).

In addition, the “State-supported cultural creative production (2022-2027)” document was adopted to support the cultural creative industry. Cinema and audiovisual arts are defined as priority areas.

Representatives from Warner Bros, HBO, Paramount, and Netflix have confirmed to take part in the familiarization tour.

Over the last five years, the Mongolian film industry annually produced an average of 80 studio productions, employing hundreds of film industry employees. Mongolia now has many major movie theaters and screening venues with 40 new films released per year (17 during the COVID-19 pandemic); and nearly 2 million potential moviegoers.



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