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Cabinet reshuffles as restrictions to MPs removed

As the number of Parliament members (MPs) with the right to concurrently hold ministerial positions is no longer limited, new members of the Cabinet have been appointed. In the new structure and composition, the government will have 16 ministries and 21 ministers. 10 new ministers were added to the cabinet composition, of which 9 are MPs. MP Ch.Khurelbaatar was appointed as the newly established Minister of Economy and Development, and Member of Parliament N.Uchral was appointed as Minister of Digital Development and Communications.

In addition, D.Amarbayasgalan, General Secretary of the Mongolian People’s Party, was appointed as the Chief Cabinet Secretary. MP J.Ganbaatar was appointed as the Minister of Mining and Heavy Industry, while D.Sarangerel, the former Minister of Health and Minister of Environment and Tourism, was appointed to lead the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection.

The average period of a government’s mandate since the start of democratic elections was 1.8 years, which shows the instability of previous governments. In an attempt to stabilize and elongate the cabinet terms, a provision was added to limit the number of members of Government who can concurrently serve as an MP to four in 2019. However, the provision was annulled after three years.



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