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Mongolia to export livestock parts to EU member states

The conditions for exporting livestock parts, such as processed intestines, to member states of the European Union have been established. Additionally, it is now possible to export other types of food products of animal origin to EU member states.

The primary concern regarding animals and food products is the residue of veterinary drugs. A national plan for controlling residues of growth hormones, antibiotics, heavy metals, radioactive substances, chemicals containing chlorine, phosphorus, and nitrogen, preparations used against plant pests, and external and internal parasites of animals, as well as pesticides, has been approved.

The working group of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Light Industry successfully participated in the two-stage risk assessment of the European Commission’s Department of Health and Food Safety (F1, F4).

Trade between the European Union (EU) and Mongolia is relatively small, but there has been a steady increase in recent years. On 1 November 2017, the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (PCA) between the European Union and its Member States and Mongolia entered into force. Replacing the 1993 Agreement on trade and economic cooperation, the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement strengthens the existing relationship between the EU and its Member States and Mongolia, consolidates existing areas of cooperation and engagement, and deepens and diversifies relations further in areas of mutual interest. The entry into force of the PCA coincided with the establishment of the EU Delegation in Mongolia, for which implementing the Agreement will be a top priority. The Agreement provides the legal framework for expanding EU-Mongolia relations and covers issues such as political dialogue, trade, development assistance, cooperation in the field of agriculture and rural development, energy, climate change, research and innovation, education and culture.



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