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Constitution of Mongolia to be amended

The Government has submitted a draft amendment to the Constitution to the Speaker of the Parliament. According to the amendment, the Parliament will have a single chamber with 152 members, of which 76 will be elected by majority vote and 76 will be elected proportionally.

Historically, the Government of Mongolia has had an average of 15 members. However, when a member of the government assumed a position in the Parliament, it caused certain malfunctions in the activities of the Parliament. The government believes that increasing the number of members will mark the beginning of a mixed electoral system and resolve these issues.

Currently, there are 76 members of the Parliament. The Parliament will discuss the draft amendment three times. The proposed constitutional amendment to establish a single-chamber Parliament with a mixed electoral system has been a controversial issue in Mongolia, with opposition parties and civil society groups raising concerns about the potential for political polarization and a lack of checks and balances.

The government has argued that a mixed electoral system would promote greater representation of minority parties and reduce the dominance of larger parties in the Parliament.
Some critics have questioned the need for a larger Parliament and argued that the proposed changes could lead to increased government spending and administrative costs.



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