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Oyu Tolgoi leads the Top 100 enterprises of Mongolia

The Government of Mongolia and the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry have collaboratively identified the TOP 100 Enterprises of 2022. Notably, this year’s selection process excluded state-owned enterprises.

Taking the top position in Mongolia’s TOP-100 Enterprises of 2022 is “Oyu Tolgoi” LLC. In the same year, the combined tax revenue of the enterprises amounted to MNT 15.6 trillion, with MNT 4.3 trillion or 28 percent of this generated by the TOP-100 enterprises. It is reported that 6.2 percent of Mongolia’s total workforce, equivalent to 71.2 thousand people, are employed by these TOP enterprises. The top 10 companies include:

The selection of the “TOP 100 Enterprises” is based on five primary parameters, which are given priority. These parameters include the enterprise’s annual income, the amount of taxes paid to the state budget, the number of employees contributing to social insurance, profit, and total assets. The selection process relies on statistical information provided by relevant ministries and government organizations.

Overall, the identification of the TOP 100 Enterprises highlights the significant contributions made by these companies to the Mongolian economy in terms of revenue, taxation, employment, and assets.



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