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The Parliament has approved the amendment to the Constitution

The draft amendment to the Constitution has been approved during the plenary session of the Parliament. The proposal to reorganize the number of members of Parliament to 126 was approved with the support of 66 members, representing 96 percent of the participants in the session. Consequently, Mongolia is now undergoing its second constitutional change in a span of four years.

The constitutional amendment draft states that “Parliament shall consist of one chamber with 126 members. Parliamentary elections will be conducted based on a representative and proportional distribution system. Seventy-eight members of Parliament will be elected through majority representation, while 48 members will be elected through proportional representation.” The amendment proposal to reorganize the number of members was endorsed by the Standing Committee of State Development.

According to Article 3.3 of the Law on the Procedure for Amending the Constitution, any further changes are prohibited within eight years following the amendment. However, after the second round of discussions, members of Parliament expressed their disagreement with the provision specifying the number of members set at 126 in the Constitution. This dissent emerged during their interactions with constituents in their respective constituencies.

The Mongolian Parliament, also known as the State Great Khural, serves as the highest legislative body in Mongolia. It operates as a unicameral parliament, comprising a single chamber. The Parliament plays a vital role in Mongolia’s democratic governance, holding responsibility for enacting laws, overseeing the government’s activities, and representing the interests of the Mongolian people.



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