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Construction of 7.1 km railway connecting Shiveekhuren-Sekhee port commenced

The construction of a 7.1 km railway connecting the Shiveekhuren Port of Mongolia with the Sekhee Port of the People’s Republic of China has commenced. This railway holds strategic importance as it serves as a crucial export route for 48 percent of coal.

The connection between the Shiveekhuren and Sekhee ports via rail is of significant strategic value as it marks the initiation of the western vertical axis Shiveekhuren-Narynsukhait-Artsuuri railway. This railway forms part of the cross-border “Economic Corridor” spanning Mongolia, the Russian Federation, and the People’s Republic of China.

The Government has granted permission for the construction of the Shiveekhuren-Sekhee port cross-border narrow-gauge railway to “Nariinsukhait Railway” LLC. This development is being executed through a public-private partnership, and the project is projected to be completed within six months.

Upon the completion of the Shiveekhuren-Sekhee cross-border port railway, the export capacity of the port will double, enabling the transportation of up to 20 million tonnes of cargo. This expansion will provide opportunities for mineral deposits in the Gobi region to enter economic circulation based on free market competition.



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