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Mongolian civil servants’ wages to be increased

With the budget amendment for 2023, the Mongolian government has prioritized increasing the wages of civil servants as part of its efforts to improve public sector productivity and attract and retain talented professionals. The wage increase for 217,700 government workers, amounting to MNT 986.6 billion, reflects the government’s commitment to recognizing the contributions of its employees and providing fair compensation.

In addition to the wage increases, the government has developed a draft to increase the state budget for 2023 by MNT 1.8 trillion. This demonstrates the government’s dedication to investing in key sectors and public services to enhance the overall well-being of its citizens.

To address income disparities and promote fairness, specific measures have been implemented regarding minimum wages. Workers in crucial fields such as education, health, culture, science, and sports will receive a minimum wage of MNT 1 million. This adjustment aims to ensure that those in essential sectors are compensated adequately for their services.

Furthermore, the minimum wage for 52,000 public service employees will be raised from MNT 565,000 to MNT 750,000, effective from July 1. This increase acknowledges the valuable contributions of public service workers and aims to improve their financial well-being.

To promote equality and fairness within the public administration, the government plans to eliminate the salary gap among public administration employees. The minimum wage for these employees will be increased from MNT 718,000 to MNT 1 million, aligning with the minimum wage set for other sectors. This step aims to create a more equitable and balanced compensation structure within the public administration.

Overall, these wage adjustments and budget increases reflect the Mongolian government’s commitment to enhancing state productivity, attracting skilled professionals, and ensuring that public servants are adequately compensated for their valuable contributions. By prioritizing fair wages and investing in key sectors, Mongolia aims to build a motivated and efficient public sector that can deliver quality services to its citizens.



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