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In the first half of 2023 Mongolia received 226 thousand tourists

In the first six months of the year, Mongolia received 226,517 tourists. The largest number of tourists, 111,216, visited from Russia, followed by 41,768 from China, and 27,743 from South Korea. Mongolia is working towards a target of receiving one million tourists this year and implementing the “Welcome to Mongolia” campaign.

The tourism industry in Mongolia has been steadily growing in recent years, with efforts focused on promoting the country’s natural beauty and cultural experiences. To promote tourism, the Mongolian government has been working on infrastructure development and improving accessibility to key tourist destinations. They have also implemented initiatives to streamline visa procedures and attract investment in the tourism sector. Furthermore, Mongolia has been actively participating in international tourism fairs and events to raise awareness and showcase its unique attractions to a global audience.

With the goal of attracting one million tourists this year, Mongolia continues to focus on expanding its tourism offerings, improving services and facilities, and highlighting its natural and cultural treasures. The country’s untamed landscapes, rich nomadic heritage, and warm hospitality make it an increasingly popular destination for adventurous travelers seeking an authentic and memorable experience.



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