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Mongolia ranks 72nd out of 111 countries in English proficiency

In its 2022 report, the EF English Proficiency Index, which determines the level of English proficiency by nation, ranked Mongolia 72nd out of 111 countries. The global average score is 502, while Mongolia’s score is 485. Mongolia is ranked 13th out of 24 Asian countries. This assessment places Mongolia in the “low” English proficiency category.

Compared to the evaluations of the past six years, it can be observed that Mongolians’ English language proficiency has been gradually improving. For example, in 2016, Mongolia was ranked 66th out of 72 countries and fell into the “very low” category. In 2021, it was ranked 83rd out of 112 countries, moving up to the “low” category.

The draft of the General Law on Education, which designates English as the primary foreign language to be taught in Mongolian educational institutions, received support during the first discussion of the plenary session of the State Great Khural. However, there is an ongoing debate within the Parliament regarding the draft law.

The government of Mongolia has recognized the importance of English language proficiency and its impact on various sectors, including education, tourism, business, and international relations. Efforts have been made to enhance English language education across the country.

The debate within the Parliament regarding the General Law on Education indicates that there are differing opinions on the implementation and prioritization of English language instruction. Some argue that English should be a compulsory subject starting from early grades, while others emphasize the need to focus on strengthening Mongolian language skills before introducing English instruction. Balancing the promotion of English proficiency with the preservation of the Mongolian language and culture is an ongoing challenge.



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